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كربلاء .. آمآ آن لي أن أحظى بشرفِ تقبيل ترآبــك

Karbala.. Hasn’t my time came yet to have the honour of kissing your soil

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Keep praying for what you seek. Impossibility and possibility are merely concepts of your mind. To God nothing’s impossible.
Imam Ali (a)
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A young Iranian boy reciting beautiful poetry in baynul haramayn in Karbala

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Happy Mother’s Day :) 

كاشكی می شد بهت بگم
چقدر صدات و دوست دارم
لالایی هات و دوست دارم
بغض صدات و دوست دارم

(Today is the birth Anniversary of Hazrat-e Fatima (S). Iranians and many other Muslims around the world celebrate this day as their Mother’s day.) 

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Watch "Hamid Alimi in Karbala 1 - حمید رضا علیمی در کربلا" on YouTube


Hamid Alimi in Karbala 1 - حمید رضا علیمی در کربلا:

The most emotional video ever. What I wouldn’t have done to be a part of this trip. Hamid Alimi at his best.

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The first comment is beautiful. Should give us muslims more confidence for praying in public iA. 

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[ENG Subtitles] - Hamid Alimi - Take me to Karbala, In shaa Allah

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